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The thing is, there is no general formula for a startup idea. Many who thought they had the right idea often realized that later on after having failed in making it a successful venture. read more on the northern blog

For most people the idea for a startup venture is never the problem rather implementation is. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs find it difficult to hit on the right business idea even after tirelessly brainstorming. The thing is, there is no general formula for a startup idea. Many who thought they had the right idea often realized that later on after having failed in making it a successful venture. Let me also clear the perception that using other people’s idea doesn’t guarantee success and doesn’t connote originality or creativity. Frankly, most of the most successful startups have in one way or the other built on somebody’s idea. What matters is your ability to expand and recreate beyond what you already know. I compiled this lists of 100 startups which I gathered from different sources around the world. Most of these ideas have already been implemented and seems to have good prospects.  Your ability to relate to an idea greatly depends on your interests and past experience. Perhaps, you may delve into a totally new area and succeed, the best way to choose a path is to trust and follow your instincts. This post is divided into a series of four.

  1.  Online fashion retailer: - If you’re a tailor or fashion designer, this will suit you well.  
  2.  Online cab (taxi) aggregator: - For those who want to delve into the transport industry. 
  3.  Booking, Ticketing Portal: - A lot of these services keep springing up every day.
  4.   Build a service that Provides coupons, deals and offers from eCommerce brands like Konga and Jumia. 
  5.  Real Estate Portal: - Build the next generation housing portal and property portal. I can tell you confidently that there is money in this. 
  6. Online price comparison engine which lets you find the best price of products from different sources. 
  7.  Holiday planning website: - If you travel a lot, this should be easy. 
  8. Online Furniture, Home and Living products. 
  9. Cars: - Upcoming Cars & Prices, Used Cars, Reviews & News - Auto Portal. 
  10. Simplify the Way We Discover & Share Events: - You can do a lot with this idea, such as finding a way to make people discover events in a city. You can make it an event listing, promotion and ticketing platform. 
  11. Health: - Find a way to help patients find the best doctors for their problems, and help doctors manage their practice. 
  12. Create a platform to discover programmers. 
  13. Stylist: - Tired of looking for a stylist, why don’t you create an avenue for people to handpick stylists. 
  14. Bootstrap Themes: - Can you design themes, either for WordPress or Blogger. Make it a real business, build ready-made and customizable versions and watch your pockets full. 
  15. Survey: - Many companies are willing to pay huge sums for people to take part in market research and survey.  Why don’t you bridge the gap? 
  16.  Build plugins: - Just like themes, plugins are very essential to the success of a website, many people rely on them.  Make it a business. 
  17.  Develop an online micro lending and fundraising platform that works with various grass-roots organizations. If you see what I see, you will start immediately. 
  18. Build a website to help customers find an appropriate gift for occasions and recipient and one which suits their budget. Also try to deliver it to their doorstep. 
  19. There are not many trading research startup that talks about Intelligent Trading analysis, Trading strategies, Money Management, Exchange, and Banking regulations. I see a goldmine here. 
  20.  Where are the women in the house? What do you think about a leading Women's Blog on latest fashion trends, beauty and health tips. Initiated for the sole purpose of educating women on what’s happening and trending in terms of fashion and Beauty around the World. 
  21. Have you heard of Exotel, a cloud telephony platform for modern Indian businesses which provides one phone number for businesses and can simultaneously receive and make hundreds of calls and SMS, at the same time? Where are our Nigerian developers? 
  22.  Build lead generating software that helps businesses generate, track, nurture and manage their Leads. Whether B2B or B2C. The target is to build a product businesses rely on. 
  23. There should be a communication platform to bridge the gap between people seeking legal representation and advocates in this country.  Please inbox me when you’ve done something about this, because my startup needs a very good lawyer. 
  24. It will be nice to see a startup that's committed to making early child development fun and engaging through its creative products: both physical and digital. 
  25. Engineering: - There should be a popular website among engineers. Like a network of engineers which help fresher to get jogged in the reality of engineering and other benefits of the profession.

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