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Commendably there are few among us who still see it as a responsibility to help and assist those under privileged members of the society.

When you talk about humanitarian services people tend to look to large international corporations and organizations. We have forgotten that the true meaning of the word is to promote human welfare, which certainly makes it an individual responsibility. However, with the way things are today, unfortunately that is not the case. Commendably there are few among us who still see it as a responsibility to help and assist those under privileged members of the society. These are people like Jimeta Umar, a graduate of Geology and Mining who has transferred his love for the earth and what it contains to humans and obviously to the most beloved of our species. We had interesting chat with this vibrant young man, here are the excerpts. Enjoy!

The Northerner: Can we meet you?
Jimeta: Jimeta Umar is the person sitting before you taking this interview.  I am Fulani - from Adamawa State, Nigeria. I am a graduate of geology and mining from the University of Jos. I like to think of myself as simple, a near perfectionist and a shy young man, I usually hide that bit though, and you never want to give people an advantage over you because they will make you pay. I am quite a lover of the classics and the life style it influences - from its unique fashion and attention to detail to the music, art and philosophy. I am interested, (very interested I might add) and actively involved in humanitarianism with particular reference to women and girls. I guess that's about all I can manage about myself, hope I didn't disappoint.

The Northerner: You run an NGO, can you tell us about it?
Jimeta: Well, Her Dear Diary Initiative (HDDI) is at the idea and think tank stage. I like to just refer to her as an initiative for now, at least. That way we don't get people's hopes too high. But HDDI is an empowerment initiative for ladies and girls. It seeks to empower through capacity building, skills acquisition and mentorship programs. HDDI utilizes what we term power projects to achieve her objectives. At the moment, HDDI is currently running a basic literacy project called HerWrite2Read for underprivileged girls at a community in Sallari Babangiji area of Kano State. The idea is to spread this project across communities in the state so that more girls can be reached and illiteracy as a menace that has plagued the northern girl child will be eradicated. Upcoming projects are in the pipelines but we like to go one perfect step at a time. In the end and as time progresses, HDDI shall be incorporated as a non-profit/non organization in Nigeria.


The Northerner: You seem to be connected with the girl child initiatives, why is that?
Jimeta: Hmmm! I haven't really been able to answer that question, maybe because I haven't really asked myself the question, so permit me if I say it is because I like the female folk. I guess my connection with the girl child initiative was born out of a compassionate empathy for the weak and helpless, not that i see women and girls are weak and helpless but they have been dealt an undue and unfair card of societal vices. For instance, they are amongst the poorest, uneducated, most prone to diseases, and most vulnerable of the gender identity. I would like to see these odds change and some sort of equity and equality maintained for that sake of humanity and the survival of our race. Hence I have put my hands to the plough to ensure that I am doing something about it and not just saying something about it.


The Northerner: You have a project called Her Dear Diary Initiatives, can you tell us about it?
Jimeta: Her Dear Diary Initiative (HDDI) is the initiative, the umbrella, the mother ship as I mentioned earlier. We utilize projects to advance our work. For instance our current ongoing project - HerWrite2Read is a basic literacy project that seeks to help underprivileged girls with little or no formal education develop basic reading and writing skills as this is very important for the development of a person. Other projects are coming with final modifications being made before their implementation. We like to approach our projects on a step by step basis whereby each project finds a firm footing before moving on to another and another and so it goes. In the end, the goal is to ultimately empower girls by focusing on their early and formative years and their prime and inquisitive ages.

The Northerner: What are your challenges so far? 
Jimeta: Challenges, ah! We are faced with quite a lot of that at the moment, my consolation however is that this is the stage we are in and with effort and determination we can deal with them. HDDI is in its formative stage so challenges are expected but with our hard work and tiny resources (which would like more of), we are surpassing one challenge after the other one challenge at a time. The major challenge we are faced with is the lack of adequate human resource because this is very essential for our projects. Tutors, IT personnel, project supervisors and managers etc. are all in very short supply at the moment. Cash plays a vital role too but I believe that an idea has never really been sustained by cash rather a dedicated and passionate work force and human capital - cash just smoothens the process.

The Northerner: There are so many youths out there doing great things in the little way they can, how can you motivate them?
Jimeta: First of all, kudos to all and every youth doing great things with themselves and for their society and country as a whole. As a word or two of motivation, never think that your selfless service is in vain and wouldn't be rewarded. Just take a look at the lives you are impacting and ask "what would be their fate if I stopped my service?" and usually these are the questions that makes you unstoppable and great. So keep on, don't give up, be happy with what you do and smile - your beneficiaries depend on it.


The Northerner: What are your expectations for the future?
Jimeta: My expectations are simple yet ambitious and altruistic. I look forward to a future of love, opportunities for everyone - girls, boys, women, men, young and old. I look forward to a future where there is a conscious effort by all to strive for a healthy, efficient and complete human race. A world void of all and any kind of violence, destruction and degradation of humanity and the earth. A world where poverty has no business existing. A world where women are empowered and enjoy their rights. A world where men protect rather than take advantage of women. A world pretty much void of all the ill plaguing it.

The Northerner: Lastly, what do you have to say to the youths of this country?
Jimeta: My fellow youths of our beloved country, firstly you have to be patriotic - with patriotism comes a great deal of responsibility and to navigate that responsibility to safe landings you must develop yourself, educate yourself - I don't mean just attending school, I am talking of illumination and awareness the kind that has you asking questions rather than accepting all you are given and told. Solve your problems and ensure that you grow with greatness and transformation as your ultimate goal. 

You can reach Jimeta Umar via any of these channels:-
Mobile: 07038262246
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ujimeta
Email: jimetaumar@gmail.com

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